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ACS1 Remote Access Management

Remote Access Management of IP and legacy devices with Advantage Voice ACS1. Management of IP and legacy telephony devices is costly! Out of hours connectivity from your remote engineering sites to your customer networks can consume endless hours of travel for the most simple, yet necessary network changes. Until now, equipment that connects you to your customer's telephone switches has also been expensive and, it has to be said, somewhat insecure. It was these reasons that drove Advantage Voice to develop a solution for RAS management that is both cost effective and secure.

The ACS1 RAS server provides that level of cost effective management of both IP and serial equipment on your customer's site. The ACS1 is a powerful, yet highly compact console server, used to connect serial devices such as modems, to a TCP/IP network. Typical applications include branch office IP telephone switch management, legacy serial console port management and IP enablement of legacy serial devices.


The AV12 Cable Assembly

The specialist cable harness assembly for Mitel Networks 3300 CX/CXi solutions. Mitel's 3300 CX and CXi are powerful IP and analogue telephony solutions. They provide small businesses (from 8 to sixty four users) with all of the benefits of IP Telephony at an affordable price. They also support traditional analogue handsets for transitional customers. Both 3300 CX and CXI have an analogue option card integrated into the system comprising: - 6 off Analogue extension ports, 4 off Analogue trunk ports and 2 off door opener ports.



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What We Offer

Handset Replacement

Our PhonesOnly package offers you the certainty of access to replacement telephone handsets if your in-use equipment fails. We offer this at a better rate than you might be paying under your current arrangement with your product provider and we believe we give you better results!

What We Offer

Product Alternatives

Helping you to retain your margins by sourcing alternative products that are otherwise identical to your usual manfacturers' offerings...


Warranty backed repair services for difficult to fix equipment...

What We Offer

Easy Disposal

Equipment that is no longer of use to you may be of benefit to someone else! See how we can help you with our buyback plan.

What We Offer

AV12 Cable Harness

Simplify the cabling between analogue devices and the Mitel 3300 CX and CXi!

ACS1 Remote Access

Management of IP and legacy telephony devices in a discreet and low cost way that also makes the whole excercise far mopre secure than ever before!

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